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As the title says, now you can send us your very own video with MH content and we will upload it to our YouTube channel.

Video requirements

Video should not be edited!

Good quality (At least 720p and no fps drops)
Video hasn't been uploaded anywhere else!

You can sent your video on our email:
Every video that will not reach the requirements will not be added!

English and Slovenian language only.
No spamming and full caps text.
No advertising.
No insulting.
Do not argue with Staff decisions.

No lying and listen to Staff.
Do not ask for OP, ranks, items from Staff members.
Do not post personal informations.
Nickname has to be similar to username.
Scamming is allowed.
Griefing is allowed.
Duplication is forbidden.
No glitch exploit.
No forbidden/overpowered/glitched items.
Selling fake ranks, kits, crate key is forbidden.
Kill traps/Tp traps are forbidden.
Do not break in other players account.
No hacks allowed.
Real life threats aren't allowed.
Hey guys welcome to our new forums!

We hope you enjoy the new Forums as all info will be posted here and on Discord!
Make sure to leave a comment and tell us how much you like the new forums.

Also keep an eye on Discord and the forums for updates and events!

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